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CNC Surface Roughness Measuring Machine

Surftest Extreme SV-3000CNC

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Surftest Extreme SV-3000CNC is a CNC Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument. 



  • The X1-, Y- and Z2-axes have a maximum drive speed of 200mm/s, which permits high-speed positioning that may result in a large increase in the throughput of multiple-profile/multiple-workpiece measurement tasks.
  • For models with the Y-axis table, it is possible to perform inclined plane measurements through 2-axis simultaneous control in the X- and Y-axis directions. 
  • For models with the a-axis drive, it is possible to perform continuous measurement over horizontal and inclined surfaces by power-tilting the X1 axis.
  • For models with the Y-axis table, it is possible to expand the measuring range for multiple workpieces, etc., through positioning in Y.
  • Measuring force for the Z1-axis detector is selectable from 4mN or 0.75mN.
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