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2D Data Processing Unit

QM-Data 200

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The QM-Data200 is a 2D Data Processing Unit that helps to achieve smart measurement. It is faster, easier, and provides more accurate measurements when working with a projector and a microscope. It achieves a much higher measurement efficiency due to coordinate measurements and combination calculations without requiring parallelism adjustment.



  • A color LCD panel with high visibility is adopted for an interactive system that guides the operator according to screen instructions. This allows easy operation even for first-time users of the QM-Data200. This data processing unit is intended for production sites in various environments, adopting high durability sheet switches and proprietary electronic components.
  • The comprehensive key panels of the QM-Data200 make it easy for any operator to use. Simple operations help you concentrate on measurements.
  • In the User menu, the “Measurement command”, “User macro”, and “Part program” can be registered. (Up to 3 menus.) You can register a “Part program” for each workpiece to measure, and customize an original system to best suit the operator’s needs. The registered user menus can be saved on a USB storage device, enabling a backup or sharing on multiple QM-Data200 units.
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