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CRYSTA-Plus M Series

Product Information

The Crysta-Plus M series is a manual coordinate measuring machines with all-in-all the most economical solution.



  • The Crysta-Plus M series features the world's highest measuring accuracy in manual coordinate measuring machines. The main unit base is manufactured from high-reliability Graplate (precision granite surface plate), which provides high-rigidity construction with extremely-small secular change by integrating the Y-axis guide rail with the measuring table.
  • The Crysta-Plus M series is standard equipped with the temperature compensation function. This function uses multiple sensors to assure maintenance of the specified accuracy over the wide operating temperature range of 15 to 30°C.
  • The X, Y and Z axes can be individually clamped with a one-touch air clamp. Each axis can be finely adjusted over the entire measuring range when in the clamped state.
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